‘Trade is the human foundation of human civilisation. It is what makes humans different from animals.’ – Gavin Kennedy

Negotiation isn’t a bold idea that you can out-negotiate anyone with your natural skills.  It’s a skill that you train and develop.

This program helps you with the fundamental skills and equips you with the ability to understand the best way to negotiate in difficult situations.

It will increase your power when negotiating, enhance your assertiveness and confidence when dealing with others, get what you want, even when you are forced to make concessions, learn what others have negotiated and what you can negotiate too.

How to be a negotiator of value and strike the best deals always?

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Workshop available for entry, middle and top management level in 1 or 2 day modules.  Discuss your brief with our consultants.

Get a customised intervention plan that meets your objective, works within your time frame and is budget-friendly.

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