Sales Training

Sales Training

Maximize your investment in the team that contributes to your bottomline, improve upon your call-close ratio.

Our sales training solutions are based on proven content, and expert perspective to help define and develop customized solutions that meet exacting needs of your organisation and drive the desired outcomes.

Given the width of our programs, our approach offers solutions that can be implemented separately or together to make a complete transformation of your team.  Based on your biggest sales opportunity, we seek to understand what needs attention first?

  • Lead generation and prospect management?
  • Probing?
  • Account development?
  • Sales presentation skills?
  • Overcoming objections?
  • Closing skills?
  • Negotiation skills?

Whatever it is, we help skill your sales team to get the results you want.  We stitch all this together by customizing your solution at the deepest level, maximizing the relevance to your business.

Strike the right balance between Production and Production Capability.

Our core models of sales include the following:

Direct Selling (Premise Sales)

In this form of sales, the company usually meets the customer directly through its sales force in person.

Skilled direct sales salesmen focus on helping customers re-prioritize their latent needs to “wants.”

Channel Sales

In this form of sales, the company meets the consumer through an intermediary or a series of intermediaries called stockists, wholesalers, retailers, etc.

Salesmen in this form of business focus on selling the ROI to the intermediaries.

Retail Selling (Counter Sales)

In this form of sales, salesmen are usually front-line employees who sell to “walk-in” customers in a retail environment

Salesmen selling across the counter, focus on helping customers maximize their “value” for their “wants.”

Telesales (Selling over the phone)

In this form of sales, the sales person engages the customer over the phone, whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer environment.

This form of selling is often akin to selling “color to a blind man.” Irrespective of a tangible or intangible being sold, the customer still can’t see, touch or feel the product/service since he is approached and makes a buying decision over phone.

Professional tele-selling skills equip your tele-sales personnel with key skills that help their customers visualize ownership of the product or service being sold much before they actually own it.

Key Account Management

Key Account Management (KAM) is the ability to partner with those customers who have a strategic role for the growth of your organisation. This, therefore, drives a core demand to create never-ending value, and over the years it  becomes a tough challenge, requiring tremendous amount of skill.

In this form, Key Account Managers are more like generalists, and not like direct salesmen in their approach to business. Great account managers are often well versed in financial management, product development, supply chain and logistics management, besides being experts in negotiation and presentation.

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Get a customised intervention plan that meets your objective, works within your time frame and is budget-friendly.

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