Behavioural Interventions

The Individual, The Team, The Organisation – Build Competencies to stay on Top

Increase your organization’s effectiveness and health by working upon the behaviour of Individuals, Teams and indeed the Organisation itself by building competencies to stay on top.


The Individual

People, are often the largest fraction of costs in doing business, and they do make the difference between success and failure of the organisation. We better know how to equip them.

Our interventions listed below, focus on an individual’s ability to gain trust, respect and maximise potential to constantly deliver at the highest level of professional standards.

The Team

The workplace is constantly evolving. Today’s teams consist of people from divergent demographics. They seek a sense of accomplishment, feelings of value and worth, and feedback on their performance. They are often sought out to be more efficient and improve their synergy.

If today’s complex organisations seek to make more with smaller teams, our following interventions are recommended.

The Organisation

Does your employee know your company’s unique fingerprint?

Our work at the Organisation level focuses on an organization’s ability to change and adapt to the complex environment by strategizing, consulting and partnering to build and implement an organisational framework that employees relate to. To have a perfectly engaged employee, the following are key essentials:

  • Does every employee have a buy in for the Vision, Mission, Values, Goals?
  • Does every appraiser know how to conduct appraisals?
  • Does your organisational change management keep pace with the environmental change? 
  • Do you map employees to their  competencies? 
  • Do you have a meaningful L&D Framework?
  • Are your processes benchmarked?

To know more about how we can partner your organisation build competencies to be the first among equals and stay that way, discuss your brief with our consultants.

Get a customised intervention plan that meets your objective, works within your time frame and is budget-friendly.

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