Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectivenes

Today’s challenging work environments require mastering the interpersonal, and influence skills needed to achieve business goals. These include emotional intelligence regarding oneself and others; the ability to interact with diverse teams of people; an understanding of group dynamics and power and authority issues; and the ability to create environments that motivate, inspire and produce desired results.

In this program, you will increase your self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness, develop more effective management and teamwork skills, increase your understanding of diversity dynamics, increase your awareness of group process and teamwork, enhance your ability to address power and influence issues, and improve your overall effectiveness.

Workshop available for entry, middle and top management level in 2 day module.

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To realize the potential of the formula (Who I am) + (what I need to do) x (how good I am at it) x (how much I do),  discuss your brief with our consultants.

Get a customised intervention plan that meets your objective, works within your time frame and is budget-friendly.

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