The Pallab Mitra Group

To be the preferred partner of individuals and organisations who seek excellence through a positive, permanent change in their behaviour.
To help foster a learning culture in individuals and organisations, enabling them to perform at the highest level, setting benchmarks in professional excellence.

Success isn’t climbing peaks but building competencies to stay on top...

How far can you drive without tanking up gas in your car?
When is the best time to invest in building competencies?
Does your employee know his organisational fingerprint?

Is your sales team selling with insights to maximize their potential?

How have you equipped your sales team to set benchmarks in call-close ratios?

Are you rewarding under achievement?

How do you set your benchmark for performance?

How do you measure profits after a training intervention?

Guaranteed ROI measurement?
When is the best time to schedule a workshop?

Welcome To The Pallab Mitra Group!

The Pallab Mitra Group is a global individual development and sales training effectiveness company, dedicated to help individuals, teams and organisations strive to achieve excellence.

Lead by Pallab Mitra who has over two and half decades of experience in L&D and employee lifecycle management, our approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right result for our customer interview. We bring proven content, deep customization, and expert perspective to help you define, develop, implement and evaluate solutions that surpass your expectations and expected outcomes. Our interventions based on experiential learning are practical, insightful and inspirational. They are delivered to the highest standards by passionate, experienced and qualified behavioural interventionists, human process facilitators, coaches and trainers.

We work across most industries, but have acquired considerable expertise in telecom, financial services, insurance, steel, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, space selling, heavy engineering, precision manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, and professional services.

To unleash the potential of your teams, and realise the true value of your investment mail us at: